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Meet Nicole

About Me

    Nicole Murph is a Certified Holistic Health PractitionerHER LIFE'S MISSION IS TO HELP OPEN MINDED INDIVIDUALS HEAL THEIR MIND, BODY, AND SOUL THAT BRINGS TRUE JOY AND BALANCE.  She has dedicated her life to sharpening her skills and has helped many people heal holistically and find their true purpose.  Nicole earned a BA degree in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati and Graduated with Honors.  She is a proud Ronald McNair Scholar and had the opportunity to present her thesis: Media Messages and Children’s Views of a Child with a Facial Scar at a National McNair Conference for Undergrad Research.


     Nicole continued her education and earned a MA degree in Mental Health Counseling. She has over ten years of experience working with people in the mental health field.  During her time working as a mental health counselor, Nicole started to do in depth research on different holistic health healing modalities. This is when she started to recognize correlations between the mental, physical and emotional traumas and the effect they had on the body.  This realization has led her down the road of studying Holistic Health. 

    Her first holistic health certification was in Green Medicine as she completed a Training in Herbalism at the New York Open Center.  Nicole’s healing path led her to the renowned spiritual and energy healing teacher Victoria Vives Khuong in Los Angeles.  Nicole has since completed certifications in Crystal and Sound Healing. She has also completed her Usui Reiki Certifications and is a Reiki Master.  Nicole's continual pursuit of knowledge has allowed her to study with some of the greatest minds in mental health as well as some of the greatest energy healers in the world.       

    Nicole’s perspective on healing modalities comes from a global lens.  She has completed mission trips and has traveled to eight different countries learning and experiencing different types of cultural teachings and healing methods. Nicole broke her generational cycle and is proud to live an alcohol and drug free life. She will continue to live out her life’s mission by helping others heal their mind, body and soul that brings true joy and balance. 


Nicole currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband Rashon and their Chow Chow dog Karma. 

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