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Why Holistic Health?

Holistic Health looks at the whole person and takes the mental, physical and spiritual aspects into consideration when treating a person’s health condition and wellness.                                    

It emphasizes the uniqueness of the individual and the importance of tailoring treatment to meet each person's needs.  

Whilst not denying the occasional necessity for swift medical or surgical intervention, holistic health puts the emphasis on assisting people to understand and help themselves, on education and self-care rather than treatment and dependence.                                                            

The promotion of health and the prevention of disease is the main priority.

Why Holistic Health?

Benefits Of A Holistic Health Approach Include....


Removes Harmful Toxins & Daily Pollutants 

Stronger Immune System

Boosts The Immune System And Keeps It In Peak Condition

Increased Energy

Increases The Flow Of Energy While Supporting Your Overly Taxed Organs

Relieves Stress

Allows Your Body To Recuperate From Mental, Emotional, and Physical Stress

Restores Balance

Maintains A Healthy Internal and External Environment

More Joy!

Increases Your Self Esteem While Living In A State of Gratitude


"Live A Balanced Lifestyle While Creating Authentic Joy"


Work With Me

I would love to support you in your healing!  I offer different healing sessions that specializes in the Mind, Body, and Soul and I would love to help you in these individual areas.  I also offer these services together in a package deal as well.

Mental Health Healing

Open Minded Graphic

Plant Medicine Healing

Herbal Medicine

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Treatment

Mind, Body, and Soul Healing


Client Love

Camping in Mountains

Ashley T, Actor

Nicole's practice is absolutely wonderful whether you're new to the holistic scene or been a part of it for a while.  After our session, I felt relaxed, centered, and had a new understanding of how to tackle issues with the very pointed knowledge she has shared with me.  Nicole has a true healing gift and I am happy she is using it to give people the tools to live more balanced and joyous lives. 

Mountain Fog

Monique S, Care Giver

This was a very unique experience for me! Nicole was amazing and very knowledgeable! Nicole's enthusiasm for her work inspired me to make steps towards living healthier. She provided me with a wide range of holistic nutritional offerings and services to aid me in my whole person growth and healing walk. I am very satisfied with her services! I have scheduled another session for myself and I plan to bring my friend.

Misty Slopes

Devon L, Personal Chef

Nicole is an amazing therapist!  She's prompt to her appointments and very attentive.  She takes the time to listen and offers recommendations.  I've never felt the need to hold back because I feel extremely safe talking with her about my issues.  I truly feel that she cares wholeheartedly about my well-being.  

Client Love

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